Grupo Dental Clinicsuses the most advanced radiological technology.


Orthopantomography or panoramic radiography is a radiology technique that represents, in a single film, an overview of the jaw and the teeth.

Ray Intraoral

The intraoral radiography is a technique consisting of radiological exploration with the placement within the mouth of image plates of different sizes for the exploration of the tooth and its adjacent structures (periodontium).

Intraoral Camera

Intra Oral Camera is a small video camera that allows you to test teeth by tooth video, giving an enlarged full colour detail that you can see inside your mouth (what otherwise might not be possible).

Benefits of using intraoral camera:
• It allows a better understanding of the needs for your treatment.
• It shows the problematic areas that could not be seen otherwise.
• It allows you to monitor the progress of your treatment and to compare pre-and post-treatment images.

This diagnostic method is painless and does not emit radiation; with it, you can see problems as defective fillings, cavities, broken teeth, bleeding gums, etc… With the aid of this aparatology, we can develop the best treatment for you to get a healthy mouth.