-Fixed and removable Orthodontics.
-Metallic and aesthetic (porcelain) brackets
-Invisible orthodontics

A smile is worth a thousand words, it is said that a smile is the most beautiful language and that your smile creates confidence and positivity.
At Grupo Dental Clinics the position of your teeth can be corrected and improved with invisible orthodontics.

Invisible Orthodontics

The invisible orthodontics is a treatment that is placed on the inside of the teeth, making it practically invisible; the brackets are made individually and personalized with the best technology.
Our orthodontist takes an impression of your teeth and creates an exact plastic model from which your braces are manufactured.

Once our orthodontist has placed your orthodontics, the initial changes will begin to take place.

Frequent questions:

What is the profile of patients to be treated with the Invisible Orthodontics system?
It is suitable for all types of patients of any age, children, teenagers and adults who wish to correct their teeth. Many people do not want their orthodontics to be appreciated for aesthetic or professional reasons , so they opt for Invisible Orthodontics.

Is it possible to use invisible orthodontics when the teeth are badly positioned?
Yes, it is suitable to treat any deviation in the position of your teeth.

Does invisible orthodontics complicate dental hygiene?
There is no problem in your daily dental routine.

Can Ordodontics hurt my teeth?
Because the inner surface of the tooth is more insensitive to decalcifying, the brackets that are placed in the inner side cause a lower risk.

How soon do you start to see the results?
In a short period of time you will begin to see an improvement in the position of your teeth.

Orthodontics can correct all types of deviations of your teeth, with lasting results, even cases that seem difficult to treat can be corrected successfully.









The Way to a Beautiful Smile

Ask us about invisible orthodontics.

The first step is to take an exact impression of your teeth, a week later your orthodontics will be made according to your needs and ready for placement.
The improvements will be visible soon after starting the treatment, it is the way to get a beautiful smile.