Teeth in one day

TEEH IN ONE DAY technique is to make an immediate placement of the denture the same day of surgery. This treatment provides an effective and reliable restoration patients and is oriented to reset all teeth of the upper or lower arch with a small number of dental implants.

This technique represents the next generation, by appropriately qualified professionals. It allows extractions, eliminate the infection, place the implants and teeth, both upper and lower arch in a fixed manner without palate, on the same day.


Initially placed and then fixed temporarily definitive prosthesis, both anchored to the implants. This technique also allow full-arch restorations with immediate function, significantly reduces the cost of treatment, since we can reduce the number of implants placed, compared to other conventional techniques. We also save time treatment and dental visits. It also provides instant relief to the patient chewing, speech and aesthetics.

One of the most attractive points of the technique is that it can be applied in a high percentage of cases. As mentioned above, this procedure allows the patient to provide fixed teeth immediately. One of the biggest advantages is that avoid transition periods temporaries which are very uncomfortable for the patient. The same day the provisional fixed prosthesis, which is screwed to the implants placed. After four or five months (depending on each case), it will be replaced by the final prosthesis.


1-First visit

The patient goes to the consultation, the personalized study is done with appropriate radiographs and measures are taken to initiate the treatment plan.

2-Day surgery, morning

Already in the clinic, the procedure starts. If required by the patient, the anesthesiologist provides sedation (Conscious Sedation) so it reaches a state of deep relaxation. If necessary, the extractions are performed and dental implants that will hold the prosthesis is placed. After the surgery, the prosthetic retouch and adapts the temporary prosthesis so that it is perfectly adjusted to the patient’s mouth to delivery.

3-Day surgery, afternoon

The provisional prosthesis is placed fixed the patient can go home with functional teeth.

4-Period osseointegration

During this time, we perform periodic reviews until 4-5 months to proceed to make the final prosthesis. Once you have completed the healing process, we proceed to make the final prosthesis.


P._ What benefit does this new treatment?

R._ Most important it is that with a small number of implants can provide the patient with a prosthesis fixed on the same day, reducing costs and time of treatment and, particularly, improving the quality of life of patients.

P._ After placing the dental prosthesis, you can exercise chewing?

R._ Initially a soft diet for a month is recommended; After this time the patient can eat normally.

P._ What anesthesia is applied in this type of surgery?

R._ is equal to that used for any other dental work (fillings, extractions, etc…)

P._ Sedation is optional?

R._ Yes, depends on the patient and if the practitioner believes that it can improve the quality of their work.

P._ If you opt for conscious sedation, the patient is conscious during the process?

R._ Effectively. You can respond to commands such as “open or close the mouth” but in the end does not have a memory of the surgery, or elapsed time, so it is very safe for him.

P._ How long is the intervention?

R._ Surgery, with all phases of prosthesis lasts 2 hours.

P._ Would you recommend this technique to patients who feel some fear the dentist?

R._ It takes little time, Prevents bone graft, it is more economical and recovery is very fastSin lugar a dudas, porque evita hacer muchas intervenciones. Además el paciente conseguirá una dentadura totalmente nueva el mismo día, con los efectos psicológicos que esto conlleva.

P._ What are the benefits os this technique , compared to a conventional technique of dental implants?

R._ It takes little time, prevents bone graft, it is more economical and recovery is very fast.

P._ Why in this technique you can make immediate loading and in the conventional technique of implants must wait a while before making the treatment?

R._ By the strategic placement of implants, the design of these as well as that of prostheses.

P._ There is a contraindication respect for age for placement of implants?

R._ No, but as always, each case is unique and depends on the discretion of the surgeon.

P._ What guidelines should be followed after surgery?

R._ It takes a medication for a week and a bland diet is supplemented by one month.

P._ In the case of having periodontal disease, treatment is possible?

R._ Yes, it is one of the indications of this technique, because these patients usually by gum disease, tend to move your teeth and do not eat well. With this technique very quickly they recover (masticatory and aesthetic) function and gain security.