Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

The Pediatric dentistry is the part of dentistry responsible for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral pathology patients between 0 and 14.

In dentistry, the recommendation is that it carries out first check is performed at 2.5 years of age. Here, in addition to checking the state of the dentition, education techniques will be explained in oral hygiene and dietary recommendations.

We know the importance of children learning to go to the dentist is natural and necessary. Therefore, the first visit is crucial and will decide, on many occasions, the future approach to oral health.

Retain teeth is essential for the proper development of the jaws and, above all, to preserve the space where permanent teeth will erupt.

Build in children the habit of proper oral hygiene is to provide the best formula for keeping their teeth throughout their lives.

Our medical team is highly qualified and highly motivated to control and monitor the evolution of dental growth of their children. If from small children learn to go to the dentist is natural and necessary, when they grow and are formed as people will have acquired a good habit to have a positive impact on your dental health.

All kinds of dental treatments designed especially for children. There are also free treatment: fluoridation, sealants and removing temporary works.