Meet us

sonrisaThe team of Dental Clinics Group consists of Dentists, Surgeons, Orthodontists and Dental Hygienists and Recepcionitas specialists in each of their subjects, so is completely ensuring treatment receive each of our patients, I feel that the top quality in each of its phases.

Dental Clinics Group is formed by dentists specializing in modern and innovative treatments with high human quality and personalized attention

The Team Group of Dental Clinics, led by Dr. Hanane Maalaoui and Dr. Ariel Bilbao Góngora, dental surgeons in training and continuous process with a long career, has made them go for the latest technology to optimize the result of treatments such as dental implants, oral surgery, fixed dentures, cosmetic dentistry, prevention, endodontics, orthodontics, etc..

We met just over 1 year of operation and during this time we have maintained a constant: the high quality of our treatments. We work for our patients in modern facilities, with a personal and friendly service and this work philosophy has allowed us to open the clinic in Los Boliches in Fuengirola and recently Alhaurin el Grande “explains Iván Fernández, coordinator and manager of Dental Group Clinics.

Group Dental Clinics In the first consultation is free, with a previous diagnosis made from the medical point of view by the specialist dentist, consisting of a general study of the patient and a specialized X-orthopantomography-that give you guidelines on the diagnosis of their oral-dental needs.

Today’s technology is so advanced that once made ​​the correct diagnosis and proper treatment the patient suffers no pain. The patient comes in with that predisposition related to previous experiences, or fear of the unknown, but then, after the intervention, are surprised when we confess not to have felt any discomfort.

What are the major treatments?

First, dental implants in the clinic conducted in one day, but depending on the case, after a few tweaks required to complete the work. But our treatment “star” is tooth whitening. We currently have a promotion at a price of 99 €. It is a next-generation treatment that lowers two or three shades, the actual tone of the tooth to the patient, in several sessions depending on your sensitivity. Currently we also have a crown to a wreck in limited supply titanium implant that includes all treatment € 699 with a full warranty and metal ceramic crown for 180 € and the crown of zirconium 310 €.

What kind of facilities you offer to your patients?

Our main objective is to make a high quality dentistry at affordable prices. For this reason, in the case of orthodontics for children and adults, there is no input and just the total cost of treatment is funded in comfortable monthly installments, we are of the few clinics that offer these facilities. Our patients range from children to seniors and adults also speak English and French so we offer a service to patients of other nationalities. Our schedule is flexible and adaptable to any personal situation of the patient.

Is the crisis has also come to this sector?

Well actually, when everyone is committed to saving, we have decided to invest in improving service and expanding our facilities. We are growing and this has been possible with hard work, facing the future with hope and helping our customers to follow us offering quality and good prices. When patients come very recently referenced by previous patients means you’re doing it right. There is a lot of competition but if the work is done by professionals and there is a good result, this is our best card.

Dental Clinic Group are continuously in continuous innovation in dental treatments. The team of dentists Dental Group Clinic offers aesthetic and functional dental solutions of the highest quality. Group Dental Clinic because “we like to see you smile.”.