Dental implants the best option

Dental implants the best option

There is nothing better than your own teeth! However, when one must face the decision of choosing the most suitable dental prosthesis, there are two basic options: you can choose between a conventional prosthesis (for exaple, bridge or full dentures) or implant rehabilitation.

The negative aspects of a bridge includes the fact ofwearing  adjacent teeth or support, whilst in a prosthesis, a large area of the mucosa is covered with synthetic material, so that the jaw bone will be atrophied by the passing of the time.

Today, implants represent the ideal solution for an aesthetic and functional dental prosthesis.



  • It is not necessary to carve healthy teeth
  • Crowns, bridges and prostheses are securely fixed in the maxilla
  • Chewing function and aesthetics are recovered
  • Premature bone resorption is avoided due to lack of compression
  • Prosthetic possibilities are extended, there is no sensation of a foreign body
  • Talk, eat and taste as with your own teeth
  • Higher quality of life for many years