Implementation of a Dental Implant

In most cases, the insertion of dental implants in the bone takes place during an outpatient surgical procedure is similar to the extraction of teeth and is performed with
local anesthesia. Rarely have to perform this procedure under general anesthesia.

The intervention was carried out Implantologist in suitable sterile conditions. The instrumentation necessary for implantation is designed so as not to damage the jaw bone, that is, very few preparatory steps required before inserting the dental implant. This process is painless due to anesthesia. To minimize swelling, stays cool the area in which the operation is performed; the
Implantologist decide in each case whether it is necessary to administer an analgesic or anti-inflammatory.

For implants can be integrated without chewing force or pressure, the provisional denture so that no occlusion takes place is placed and, therefore, there is no pressure to
chew. The existing prosthesis is coated underneath with a soft cover that prevents pressure on the surgical site.
The integration time of the dental implant depends on the physical and medical status of the patient, although titanium implants are usually integrated in a range of 2-9 months. After
Implants have been welded firmly to the bone, can be placed the final dental prosthesis. We are confident that your dentures feel about new form implants
as natural as if it were your own teeth.